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Design in Planning, Design in Primary Construction, Design Opportunities,

Design in Material choices, Design in Fixture choices, Design in Finish construction,

One of the great benefits of engaging the Culpan & Company team to design and construct your unique home, is that when it comes to those, all important, choices, there are literally no boundaries!

Many builders, even custom ones, will send you down to their lighting supplier, or plumbing supplier, and tell you to meet with their rep, with whom they have shared your budget.

When it’s time to choose tile, flooring, countertops, fixtures and fittings, we will be with you the whole time, offering design advice, seeking out exciting alternatives, and bringing that bespoke element to your home.

Many potential clients and admirers of our homes have asked “Where on Earth did you get this!” talking about a light fixture, or faucet, or some other unique item.

The truth is we source all our product from a great many companies & suppliers, all over the US and even from Europe, or other countries, but of course, always with your budget in mind.

During the CD planning stage, your Culpan & Company team, will be “Walking” through each room with you. Visualizing the walls, the ceilings, the doors, and the windows.

Do we need to move a window or add one? (This especially considering your specific land parcel)

Does this room offer an opportunity for some ceiling application?

Possibly some rustic beams, some crown or tile ceiling application. Maybe the application of another material such as planking or steel sheet, possibly tin ceiling tiles?

Does the room call out for a wall application such as wall paper or Venetian plaster? Does the ceiling need to change color? Should we use an obscure glass door in a specific room to allow light into a hallway or extend the visual field? Should we use a clear glass door to capture the view beyond through a window that aligns with the door? (By design)

Again, Form & Function play heavily in our thinking on interior design, but we also employ good Mass and Scale with an application or element, and also consider a good balance of symmetry, and asymmetry.

Not everyone is discerning enough to understand these subtleties, but almost everyone feels them.

What makes a great interior design can sometimes go unnoticed, but there will be a “Harmony” that is perceived.

Conversely, rudimentary design mistakes and conflictual elements can leave a home lacking harmony and balance.

Of course, it is not just as simple as throwing every last “Trendy: element at a home design.

Far from it. It is hugely important that the interior features of a home blend and compliment the exterior architecture and are not forced, out of scale, or out of context.

If this is achieved in planning and in the field, the home will undoubtedly hold timeless, and sound design aesthetics and balanced architectural form that will always remain appealing and attractive, even to the untrained eye.

Culpan & Company is your professional team that have the understanding and the ability to translate these fundamental rules and relationships to your specific and unique home design.