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Design in Material choices, Design in Fixture choices, Design in Finish construction.

As our banner states, the team at Culpan & Company are Focused on design on every aspect, at every juncture of your home from beginning to end.

All design has 2 primary elements Form, and Function.

Some designs need to encompass more function in their design, such as a microchip.

Form is not important in this case, other than size.

Some designs need only encompass Form, such as Art.

Art has but one function, to move a person by form.

Most designs however require a balance of both, such as a car, or clothing, and of course a home.

A poor design can only produce a poor product, but GREAT Designs do not happen by chance or good fortune. They are the culmination of Talent, Tenacity, Passion, and Hard work.

What is the importance of design in the construction of your new home?

Your home is probably your largest investment. You will live in it for many years, and if it is designed and constructed well, you will enjoy it every day of your life.

Function starts right at the very beginning when we first start to draw your concept plan.

Asking the right questions about how you live, what is important to you, and then drawing on our years of experience to provide you with advice and suggestions is extremely important in those very early stages of design.

This may seem quite straight forward, but there are thousands of homes out there with garages far from the pantry, hallways that display half a door, thermostats and switches positioned smack in the middle of what could have been a wonderful art wall, and rooms with windows and doors that don’t allow for easy placement of furniture. These mistakes can often go unnoticed until framing or even completion.

Form is equally important in home design, but for some reason is often understated these days.

Even the most modest home can be designed with attractive and authentic form, both inside and outside the home.

Whatever your desired style, Traditional, European, or Modern we strive to employ sound design aesthetics and balanced architectural form in the design of your dream home.

It is understandable that many home owners may not understand these factors, which is why it is extremely important that the design and construction team you engage, truly understand the relationship of Mass, scale, and materials, and your specific lifestyle and desires to create a balanced architectural design and help you through the many decisions on the design of your own unique home.

If you are a discerning buyer who has the deep desire to design and construct a completely unique and bespoke home, which adheres to sound fundamental design, and completely meets your individual needs,

We, the Culpan & Company team, would love to chat with you about your exciting project