The Culpan & Company Difference

So what makes the Culpan & Company team experience different?

Builders are not typically designers or architects, and of course most designers and architects are not builders.

The focus for most architects revolves around the plan, after which they get paid, and the builder takes over.

The focus for the Builder then is to construct the home to the plan, and typically as quickly as possible.

If an interior designer is engaged, they will work with the client on interior finishes and choices which can “Muddy” the water for the builder, as some of the choices can often impact plumbing, electrical, or even framing.

We believe these are “Disconnects” in an all too important process.

Having the architect visit the site each week during constriction is not only costly, but often creates conflict. Similarly, having an interior designer visit the site trying to find opportunity while the builder is pushing forward to the finish line, also creates conflict and the client is left paying for the struggle, and the compromises.

The Culpan & Company team have combined talents that allow us to provide you with a truly “Complete” and unique service and without the need for added fees.
All the design work is done completely in house leaving our architect to complete the construction drawings, only. Then, we construct your home with our team and remain on site throughout.

Our focus during construction, is to continually look for design opportunities.
Opportunities that will always present themselves during the construction of any home.

Yes, this can add time to the project, but at Culpan & Company, our ultimate goal is to provide you with every possible design opportunity.

If that adds a few weeks to construction time, so be it! For a home you will live in for many years, we believe it’s time wisely spent.

Of course, we also have a combined construction experience in residential construction of over 35 years.

As designers and architects, we have a passion for architectural design, materials, and true craftsmanship.

Collectively we have traveled throughout many European countries and have a great knowledge of different home styles.

And as a small, hands on team, we provide a far more personal service than large companies.

Finally, we truly have a passion to design and build beautiful and bespoke homes that become landmark properties in their respective neighborhoods and are revered by all, but particularly our valued home owners.