About Us

Culpan and Company of Eagle Idaho

  • Our History

    Culpan & Company, is an evolution of previous companies, past experiences, and many years in the design and construction of fine residential homes.

    It is the culmination of various and varied talents that combine to provide a company whose team players offer far more than a typical design or construction company.

    Our team’s history combines experience in fields as diverse as:

    Architecture, Engineering, Design, Manufacturing, Art, Teaching, Construction, & Aviation,

    But our focus for many years now has been the design and construction of unique, bespoke homes for discerning clients.

    Culpan & Company’s combined construction credentials extend to commercial construction, production home construction, Historic reconstruction, renovation, remodel and additions, and custom home Design & Construction.

    Although we still engage in Historic reconstruction and renovation, and some larger remodel/addition projects, our preference is to work with a select group of clients, who share our passion and desire to design and construct totally unique homes that reflect their own life styles, and personalities.

    Our professional experiences have taught us to be frugal, in our designs, with our construction, and with our client’s hard earned money.

    They have taught us exactness, and efficiency, great design aesthetic, balance, form, authenticity, and structural drawing development.

    And they have taught us communication, documentation, and people management.

    These highly unusual and diverse skills coupled with our genuine desire to please our clients, make us a very dynamic and unique design and construction team.

    Certainly we would not be the best choice for everyone, and frankly our goal is not to work with everyone.

    But if we remain successful in attracting discerning clients, with our same goals and ideals, who then enable us to continue designing and constructing truly unique properties, then as a company we will achieve our ultimate accolades, and our history will continue on our chosen path.

    We hope you will join us on the journey.

    The Culpan & Company team.

  • Our Mission

    • To design and construct unique and innovative homes that reflect the individual personalities of the families that live in them.
    • To uphold the tradition of true craftsmanship and implement the latest construction technologies.
    • To help our clients make the most informed and educated decisions.

  • Our Team

    Clive Payne-Culpan

    I have a background in auto motive design and manufacturing, engineering, residential construction, and aviation. It’s amazing how many times I draw upon those past experiences in our business.

    Like Monica, I have a passion for architecture and homes. Vacations for us mean time spent wandering around towns and villages checking out the homes and buildings.

    I have owned several construction companies here in the treasure valley and enjoy working with our clients and the challenges each new design offers.

    Monica Payne-Culpan

    I truly love picking materials keeping on top of current design trends. With a Bachelors of Art from the University of Idaho I create the interiors of all our homes. What ever your style I will help you create a one of a kind design that is unique to only you!

    Douglas Cobb

    Working in the design and construction industry for 26 years I have a strong passion for great residential design and enjoy each challenge. I am a graduate from the University of Idaho – Bachelors of Architecture and a BFA -Interior Planning and Design.

  • Testimonials


    La Strata Vignette

    We believe that Clive and Monica Culpan are the top home builders in Boise. There is no doubt about it. We purchased our home, “La Strata Vignette” in July of 2014. We love it because it is unique and built with care and consideration using high quality materials. Clive and Monica brought nature indoors with their design. The rooftop deck and the enclosed courtyard in addition to the backyard patio and thoughtfully placed windows provide views from every space. We had a 12 month warranty and Clive and Monica honored it with exemplary professionalism. If we were ever to build a custom home in Boise, the only builder we would consider is Culpan and Company.


    Cartmel Cottage

    I am very pleased to act as a reference for Culpan and Company. I have had the pleasure of working with Clive and his team on 4 distinct housing projects.

    My home is at 1219 N. 6th Street and it is an absolute jewel. Clive & Monica assisted my wife and I through every step of the major renovation – from concept to completion. I would be happy to show you the home and the pictures of the original building and we would be very proud to have anyone come by and inspect the high level of craftsmanship on this property.

    Culpan & Company are masters of detail and follow-up. They know construction from every angle and they interpret what clients want perfectly. They execute on schedule and on budget. Culpan & Company are masters of “No surprises.” The budgetary aspects of home building can be very confusing but they make certain everything is clearly laid out from beginning to end. If changes are made mid-stream they are fully understood by builder and client.

    Culpan & Company have wonderful sub-contractors who know that they demand perfection. If work doesn’t get done right the sub knows it will get done over or it will be their last opportunity to work with Culpan and Company. With Their cadre of excellent craftsman at their disposal the whole team takes pride in the finished product.

    Building a home is a very personal undertaking and Culpan & Company understand that the client have tastes and needs, that are very specific and unique. They have a tremendous ability to listen to each and every detail that is critical to the client. Finally, they understand how to provide value and functionality with superb taste and quality. They understand what products are on the market and can meet the needs of the client within budgetary constraints.

    I could not give a higher recommendation for a home builder than I give to Culpan and Company. They’re the best.”

    ~ Larry & Chris LaRocco


    La Maison Tres Jolie

    With much trepidation, my wife and I decided to build our first home and thanks to both luck and a detailed search, we found the most passionate, innovative, and dedicated design and construction team in Culpan and Company. Our experience with Culpan and Company was nothing short of exceptional. Clive took our dream European home design, added essential and practical design elements, and built our home for a more than judicious price. They are masters at uniting form and function within the old European style of home which we felt other builders lacked or built with a contrived result. Our budget was tight, but with their incredible network of subcontractors, we were able to build our dream home, within a more than reasonable budget, especially considering the exceptional quality of the home. We are tremendously grateful for having had the opportunity to build our dream home with Culpan and Company.

    Monica of Culpan and Company is a design and sourcing virtuoso! Thanks to the efforts of Monica, our home was built with finishes that with a typical builder would cost several times over what she was able to source them for. With a tight budget like ours, we didn’t think we could afford to utilize the help of an interior designer. We couldn’t have been more wrong! With Monica’s help, we were able to construct our home, using high-end finishes, which she sourced from all over the world. Monica’s passion and attention to not only detail but budget, makes her one of the smartest decisions we made in the home building process. During the entire building process, Monica was right there making sure our selections were flawlessly executed, without compromise, and within budget. We are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Monica.”

    ~ Craig & Jolie Lickley

    Mod Haus

    I might have been one of the most challenging clients Clive and Monica have had to work with (Although I hope they saw it as a fun challenge). For one, I have champagne taste on a beer budget, and yet, I wanted and pretty much demanded my dream house.

    For two, I wanted to be very hands-on during the design and build process.

    And for three, I wanted something that they hadn’t really done before. I wanted a very eclectic, out of the box house. I didn’t want one style— I wanted to marry modern with rustic, and with traditional, to come up with my own style. I pushed the envelope on what they were used to and they embraced it with gusto. I had a million ideas of what I wanted and liked and they focused me. I had boundaries I had to work within due to the subdivision I’d bought in, so that affected in particular the outside look of the home. I had other boundaries due to my budget, but they knew where to spend and where to save. The end result is truly the perfect home for my family. Comfortable, beautiful, fun, creative, well thought out, easy to live in— and I get great joy every day I wake up and look at my light fixtures, my flooring, my stove— it’s an amazing house!

    I feel very grateful I found the Culpans, because they were able to give me what I wanted in all regards. I only interviewed two builders. One was semi-custom— he had rules about how much of his time you got— you get two meetings over this, you go here to pick out your lighting, etc. I quickly realized I would hardly be on his radar.

    Clive was the complete opposite. We had countless emails back and forth, tons of in person meetings, lots of phone calls— I felt cared about, prioritized, and involved in decisions. Clive and Monica work as a husband/wife team— Clive does the design, the building of the home, while Monica does the interior— helping you choose your kitchen, your faucets, your lighting, etc. She’s amazing at being able to give you the “look for less”. She does endless research online to find cool things and get the absolute best possible price for them. She knows where it is best to spend a little more and where to economize. Clive’s homes are well designed— both in terms of layout and quality. Nothing he does is cookie cutter— he starts from scratch on your design and gives great thought to layout— giving privacy where needed, thinking about sound, light, views. He’s the type who makes his contractors fix every little thing— if it needs to be redone it gets redone. He clearly takes pride in the home and it matters to him that everything is perfect. Together they make a great team. When we were done with the house, it was almost sad— even though I was so excited to move in, I wanted to start the process all over again and build another home, it was so much fun!”

    ~ Linda Lloyd



    We had the pleasure of building a custom home in Eagle in 2006 with Clive Payne-Culpan. We worked with Clive from the very beginning on the very detailed plans for our large 5700 sq ft dream home. Clive is a very personable contractor who understands first and foremost customer service! Clive listened intently to our requirements but was also very forthright in suggesting features to help enhance our homes value while adding aesthetics that draw your eye but always considering cost and necessity.

    Clive is what we consider a “Visionary” with real world skills as he draws from architecture and engineering from all types of backgrounds and has been clearly educated in the building industry and other endeavors. Clive also has a very broad focus on helping the environment or “Going Green” even before most were considering it. Now that more builders are following these concepts, Clive is way ahead of it and understands the part of “Green living” that works better than others considering how owners will live in their home.

    Clive is a talented builder and wonderful person to work with and always had our best interests in mind. We wouldn’t hesitate to use him again on any future projects.

    Please feel free to contact us for more information about our experience.


    ~ Casey & Lonni McDonough


    Fattoria Strada Pesce

    What a tremendous experience building our dream home with the Culpan and Company team!

    We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted and Culpan & Company brought those ideas to life. We can honestly say that the entire process was enjoyable. For anyone wanting a custom home that’s truly unique—something special—look no further than Culpan and Company.”

    ~ Gavin & Annie Parker

    Casa Dei Nostri Sogni

    My wife and I were shopping for a new home in the western states and the Boise area was very attractive for what it had to offer, its cost of living, and our lifestyle. After touring new homes in several neighborhoods we concluded that we would be best served by building a custom home. We had built a home once before and knew that a good working and personal relationship with the primary parties makes a big difference in the experience and the results. After purchasing a lot, we ending up selecting Culpan and Company whom we had met during our initial home tour and was one of the design and build options recommended by our realtor.

    With Culpan and Company we worked directly with Clive and Monica throughout the process from coordination of initial planning and architectural design to final landscaping and interior design. Their full service approach was extremely helpful since we were living outside of Idaho during the entire process and only travelling to Boise every 4 to 6 weeks to make in person decisions and review progress. Working remotely, we had a high level of collaboration on the design between ourselves, Clive, and their design firm to optimize the advantages of our lot, the home and room layout, and overall aesthetics with very minimal delays in city and subdivisions approvals. Monica helped us through the many selections we had to make on interior finishes and we used her local and industry connections to obtain many high end fixtures, finish plumbing, cabinets, and appliances with appreciable savings.

    Our working relationship recognized from the beginning that both sides would need to be flexible, adapt to change, and allow the specifications and details to evolve. Our experience with Culpan and Company turned out great with very good ongoing and updated budget and schedule estimates each month as progress payment were made. In the end, we are extremely happy with our new home and the continued engagement with Clive and Monica to make sure that everything is just right as we settle into our life in Boise.”

    ~ Andrew & Monika

    Sumner Manor

    I have built a few homes before, but this time was the chance to build my dream home.

    My daughter and I had bought lots next door to one another in a fantastic neighborhood— quiet, scenic, views, and beautiful homes all around us.

    We wanted to use the same builder which would make it enjoyable as we could meet with them together.

    She found Culpan & Company online and we met with Clive while scouting lots on a trip to Boise. He was full of ideas and seemed to have very high standards of workmanship.

    My house is completely custom. I gave him a list of what I wanted, he drew up the plans, and we discussed them and revised them several times. Clive’s wife Monica helps with all the interior choices, and it was fun to meet and go over flooring, countertops, everything down to hooks and knobs. She is exuberant and full of energy and makes every meeting both fun and easy, as she had pre-chosen options to help narrow things down. I ended up with exactly the right house for me. It truly exceeded my expectations. They did several special surprise things for me, like personally hand distressing my powder room door, which made a new door look like it had a storied past, and added crests to my hall sconces as I had previously mentioned I liked that look. The hood over my range is also one of a kind, with a vintage piece Monica found and had custom fit for the hood. I asked Monica to help me with interior decorating and she went out of her way to find furniture pieces that go well with the house. I think she is amazing. They really understood the look I was after and strove to not just give me what I wanted, but to make it unique and special too. They absolutely go above and beyond what a normal builder does— they care just as much about the house as you do. I would highly recommend them.”

    ~ Margaret McBeath